That Darn Cat! Promoting Change through the Language of Motivational Interviewing

Presented by Deirdra Frum-Vassallo, Psy.D.

“Change talk” is a Motivational Interviewing expression that refers to language a client uses that favors change. Simply spotting a patient’s change talk is not MI. Rather recognizing the type of change talk a client is using can help a clinician choose how to respond intentionally. Recognizing, responding to, and eliciting change talk are three crucial skills practitioners must develop and apply to help steer a conversation towards increasingly action oriented change talk. Whether in the context of a brief intervention or in an ongoing counseling relationship, when people use change talk to voice their intrinsic motivations, they are more likely to make a change. This training will zero in on the technical aspects of recognizing, responding to, and eliciting change talk. Experiential exercises and case examples are built in throughout, offering an opportunity to practice skills.

This workshop was recorded on March 4, 2022.