Psychology & Law Committee

Consultation for Attorneys


  • Pros & Cons of Confidentiality in Court Ordered Treatment: Impact on the Psychologist, Court, Attorneys and Clients
  • Parent Allegations of Child-Sexual Abuse
  • Intimate Partner Aggression/Violence
  • Munchausen’s by Proxy
  • How Psychological Problems Affect Parenting Skills
  • Forensic Evaluations
  • Rebuttal Consultation
  • Impact of High-Conflict Divorce on Children
  • Standards and Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in NYS

Committee Members

Neil S. Grossman, Ph.D., Chair
Roy Aranda, Psy.D., J.D.
Steve Honor, Ph.D.
Bob Raymond, Ph.D.
Louis Mora, Ph.D.

Resource people:
Robert Goldman, Ph.D., J.D.
Bruce Hillowe, Esq., Ph.D.
Jeannemarie Massetti, MSW
Joe Scroppo, Ph.D., J.D.

Objectives and Goals

Provide information and resources to psychologists about the legal system involving forensic psychology and to the legal system about psychological issues relevant to the area of law. Collaborate with the Suffolk County Bar Association and the Judicial System to design better psychological interventions for clients who are involved in legal cases or matters.

  1. Provide education and training for psychologists regarding forensic psychology.
  2. Present workshops, with the Bar Association and/or the Courts, about psychology issues.
  3. Provide information to attorneys about how psychologists can assist them and their clients.
  4. Develop resources regarding psychological issues for judges and attorneys.
  5. Identify case law relevant to a forensic practice in New York State and disseminate this information to psychologists practicing in this area.
  6. Provide public education about various ways psychologists can assist families or family members who are involved with legal issues.


  • NYSPA Forensic Division Conference 2022
    To be announced

  • American Psychology-Law Society Conference Annual Meeting
    March 16-18, 2023, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA
  • AFCC 60th Annual Conference
    60 Years of Asking the Difficult Questions
    May 31 - June 3, 2023, Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Los Angeles, CA

  • AFCC 15th Symposium on Child Custody Evaluations
    November 10-12, 2022, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

  • AFCC-NY Annual Program
    To be announced


  • Information about Supreme Court in Suffolk and Nassau Counties
  • Information about Family Court in Suffolk and Nassau Counties
  • Information about the NYS Court System in general: PDF | Website


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