Implementation of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Stony Brook University

Presented by Amy Lee, Ph.D. & Kristin Bernard, Ph.D.

Youth from historically marginalized groups experience higher rates of interpersonal trauma and have limited access to evidence-based mental health services. The COVID-19 pandemic and related conditions such as social isolation, school closures, and economic hardship have widened such disparities, while simultaneously increasing rates of trauma exposures. Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT; Cohen, Mannarino, & Deblinger, 2016) is a robustly supported evidence-based treatment for youth ages 3-18 presenting with trauma-related psychopathology and their caregivers. More than 20 randomized clinical trials and additional community-based trials have demonstrated TF-CBT’s efficacy and effectiveness in addressing child PTSD, depression, and behavioral problems. This workshop will introduce participants to the TF-CBT treatment model and briefly summarize the research evidence supporting its effectiveness for youth and families from marginalized communities. The remainder of the workshop will focus on the TF-CBT Initiative at Stony Brook University, which aims to address the disparities in access to evidence-based trauma-specific services in the surrounding community.

This workshop was recorded on November 5, 2021..