Exposure Therapy of Complex Trauma in Adults: Going "Off Script" with Tips, Techniques, & Adjunct Treatments

Presented by Mitchell Schare, Ph.D., ABPP

Nearly 30 years ago, clinicians began to question whether the DSM concept of PTSD was sufficiently capturing classes of patients seen by many of them. Despite many revisions of the DSM, advocates have called for a new diagnosis recently accepted into the ICD-11 as “Complex PTSD.” However, this diagnosis is not without controversy. In this workshop, clinicians will look at these diagnostic discussions in light of case examples which will then lead to practical therapeutic applications based upon the richness of exposure therapy techniques. The participants will learn about video, picture, sensory and Virtual Reality exposure to add to the better known in-vivo and imaginal models. Particular attention will be given to the critical but often overlooked issues of safety behaviors, memory retrieval, sensory cues, guilt and moral injury in the full processing of trauma. Simple treatment guides and structured step by step programs cannot capture the work done with complex trauma, thus going “off script”.

This workshop was recorded on June 18, 2021.