EMDR - How It Is Effective Treatment for Children, Adolescents, & Adults

Presented by Carla Natalucci-Hall, Psy.D.

This program will discuss EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy) & how it is effective with child and adults experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, and many other diagnoses. Each of the 8 phases of EMDR will be discussed. Specific cases that exemplify the benefits of EMDR will be reviewed. Therapeutic resources that can be used with EMDR will be covered and the group will experience The Calm Safe Place and other resources. Participants will gain a rudimentary understanding of EMDR and how to start the process of referring to an EMDR therapist and/or starting the process of learning EMDR.

This workshop was recorded on April 14, 2023.