Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Principle Driven Treatment for Emotion Dysregulation

Presented by Cecily Portillo, Ph.D.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is considered an Evidence-Based Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and has been associated with numerous improvements, including in suicide attempts, binge eating, interpersonal sensitivity, hopelessness, substance dependence and others.  The aim of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of the DBT treatment model and clarify the principles that drive treatment outcomes. The presentation will discuss how to identify behavioral targets in treatment and structure treatment sessions to increase therapy efficacy. In addition, the presentation will highlight a few rules that inform DBT assessment and practice and correct common misconceptions.  A combination of literature review, experiential activities, and case examples will be used to illustrate concepts.

This workshop was recorded on February 3, 2023.