SCPA members are invited to be a guest on "Psyched Up"

Dear SCPA Members,

In the past, the Suffolk County Psychological Association has produced audio podcasts of interviews with SCPA members. The interviews were designed to promote SCPA, the awareness of what psychologists do and to highlight our members' areas of expertise. Those audio podcasts were hosted on the internet and traffic was directed to them from the SCPA website and by key word searches on the internet. The feedback from the SCPA guests and online visitors was very positive.

Over the past few years, audio podcasts have become less popular and now everyone is seeking information from videocasts. In keeping with the current attractiveness of videos, SCPA has decided to produce video interviews with our members with the same goals in mind as we had when we produced the audio podcasts. Again, the focus of the videos, called "Psyched Up," is to promote our members and their areas of specialty, improve the recognition of the field of psychology, and SCPA.

In order to introduce this new concept to our members and invite members to be guests on the show, Drs. Howard Gurr and Keith Moss created an introductory videocast. Please watch the video to get an idea of what SCPA is trying to achieve and to see the ease of creating such interviews. Watch the introductory interview on YouTube.  It is important to note that this videocast was performed in one take and required very little technical skill from the guest.

We want to promote as many members of SCPA who are willing to be interviewed on "Psyched Up." This is a way to promote SCPA and our members to the general public. If you are interested in being a guest for the video interviews, please contact Dr. Howard Gurr at

Howard Gurr, Ph.D.
Chair, Marketing Committee

Keith Moss, Ph.D.
SCPA President

Visit and subscribe to the Psyched Up Videocast Channel on YouTube

What is needed to be a guest on the SCPA videocast?

First, you need a computer with a decent webcam and microphone. In order to create a video interview we utilize several websites. At this time, I am relying on or Guests would have to sign up for the free versions of either service to be able to participate in the interview. The process of signing up is straight forward, but I can talk you through the process, if necessary.

When you join the interview, we will not initially be recording the show. We will spend some time going over details and your questions, setting up the microphone levels. When everything is set and you are comfortable, we will the start to record the show.

Please note the show will not be going out live and it can be edited. Therefore, if at any time during the interview you decide you do not like your answer, or you want to redo the question, please just let me know.

After the show is finally edited, you will get to see the finished product before it is posted. Since the show represents you and SCPA, the show will have to also be approved by the current SCPA board members.

The videocasts will be hosted on the SCPA website. As a guest, you may post a link to the videocast for your own website. However, you may not copy the video to another site or re-edit the videocast in any way.

Videocasting tip: Use a plain background behind, keep motions to a minimum and wear clothing that is a subdued color, nothing bright or patterned.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Gurr at 631-462-2467 or

Please electronically sign the form below by entering your name to agree to the videocast terms:

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