Specialized Mental Fitness Groups

Held at the "L. Krasner Psychological Center" (KPC) - Psychology B Bldg., room 479

(The KPC is a mental health facility associated with the Clinical Psychology PhD. Program, Department of Psychology, at Stony Brook University. Advanced graduate students provide high quality psychological services under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists who are also faculty members.)

Call us to learn more and sign up! 631-632-7830

All groups include 10 90-minute sessions and cost only $120

Peer support increases motivation to change and confidence in social situations!

Executive Skills for Improving Attention and Performance in ADHD

  • Learn new skills, like time management, prioritizing tasks, and optimal study habits to improve your functioning across domains (e.g., academic performance, day-to-day activities)
  • Learn to manage better problems of attention and hyperactivity

Social Anxiety

  • Learn about how social anxiety works
  • Do exercises shown to reduce your social anxiety
  • Learn social skills to increase your comfort and confidence

Transitioning to College: Overcoming Psychological Hurdles

  • Learn effective cognitive and behavioral coping strategies to improve a wide range of psychological problems that accompany the transition to college
  • Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction tools for decreasing distress, depression and anxiety

Academic/Learning Performance Anxiety

  • Learn about the nature of academic anxiety (e.g., test taking anxiety, anxiety about specific academic subjects, avoiding classes, distress over academic performance)
  • Learn to manage academic tasks in an efficient and productive manner
  • Learn effective study and test-taking skills

Mental Fitness for International Students

  • Learn knowledge about the nature of emotions and emotion problems (e.g., anxious and depressive emotions, and how do they impact life quality.)
  • Learn knowledge about better communicating with others (e.g., social skills, assertiveness training.)
  • Learn knowledge about attention and time management, and basic skills of better managing tasks.

Empower: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault

This group is free of charge to its members

  • Participate in research and receive free treatment by helping us evaluate a 12-session group therapy for female SBU students aged 18-25 who have suffered sexual assault while in college.
  • In a confidential environment, work in a small group of your peers to gain support and begin the healing process.
  • Learn how to cope with the consequences of the assault – and how to change maladaptive thinking patterns.
  • Regain inner strength and self-esteem as we work on issues of trust, control and intimacy.

Call us to learn more and sign up! 631-632-7830